Refunds: We do our best to make every transaction result in your life decorated! When something goes wrong, we are always willing to keep doing our best to keep you satisfied.

If you do not like your purchase, we will be sadÖbut we will gladly provide you with a return and refund authorization within 30 days of purchase. No questions asked! Contact Us with your order number and we will refund funds to you within 5 business days of your returnís arrival back at our facility. Please keep in mind that we can only refund to the same method used for the purchase.


Exchanges: Liked something else more? Gotcha. We will be happy to exchange your purchase for a different piece of art. Just Contact Us and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist!


Warranty: We really try to use the very best materials and techniques to provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment! PingoWorld warrants that your product will be free of any manufacturing defects for five (5) years from date of purchase. Should you feel that your piece is somehow defective, please Contact Us and we will provide you with prompt directions on how to proceed. In most cases, we will replace the artwork with the same piece. Please keep in mind that our Warranty is limited to defects during manufacture. We cannot provide warranty coverage for damage to artwork outside our facility (Donít let Fido chew on it or use the canvas as an umbrella!). We certainly want to decorate and not complicate your life, but some excellent tips on care for your art can be found in our FAQ.