1. I got my art. I love my art. Now what? Letís hang that art on a wall! All of our artwork comes ready to hang using the attached sawtooth hanging accessory (it is usually stapled directly to the back of the product so as not to get moved during shipping and unpacking). Tap the accessory into the artwork lightly using a hammer. Make sure the sawteeth are facing down! Place a screw or nail into the wall where you desire to hang the piece (for drywall installation, the use of a screw anchor is recommended). Youíre done! 

2. I want to have one of my pictures made on canvas. Anything I should know? Da Vinci not good enough, huh? Creating a memorable piece of art from one of your personal images can provide a truly unique way to decorate a space. Weddings, births, family portraits and others memories all make wonderful subjects for years of viewing enjoyment. We only want you to keep two things in mind: You must must must have all rights to the image you want us to reproduce AND the better the image you submit (resolution, size, white balance, etc.), the better the canvas you will receive! Ready to personalize your walls? Visit our Photo-To-Art section today! 

3. What is a gallery wrap anyway? A gallery wrap is a way to display artwork without the use of a frame. Galleries and museums frequently display art this way to avoid the cost of framing and to prevent damage to the canvas potentially caused by framing. Outside of galleries and museums, gallery wrapped canvas has become a popular way to display art in a more modern and minimal style, avoiding the typically high costs of framing and allowing the borders of the artwork wrapped around wood stretcher bars to serve as a frame for the piece. 

4. How long will it take to get my art? Most of our artwork ships to you within 2 business days. In fact, over half of our orders ship the very same day they are placed! We will send you a shipping notification and tracking once your order is packaged for pick-up. Most of our shipping is done via UPS Ground and over 90% of orders arrive at their destination within 3 days of shipment. If we are aware of any issues that may adversely delay your order, we will advise you to the best of our ability. 

5. What is the laundry setting for canvas art? Please do not submerge your artwork in water! Do not subject it to temperature extremes and try to locate it outside of consistent direct sunlight. Our canvas is coated to provide superior fade resistance and does provide a degree of moisture protection as well. Wipe dust with a soft dust cloth. That is all the cleaning required! If you feel that some additional tautness is required, you will find plastic corner keys in each corner of your piece. Lightly tap the corner keys deeper into their grooves to increase the tautness. 

6. Other Questions? Have we left something out? We must have been busy finding more art to decorate your life! Please Contact Us and we will respond promptly!